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The CLEANABLE Oil Filter is made from laser cut, medical grade, Stainless Steel Micronic Filter Cloth to provide unmatched protection against oil contamination and resultant engine damage.

Superior Filtration

The CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter is far superior to any paper filter you can buy.  It filters to 35 microns absolute.  This means no particle larger than 35 microns will pass through the CLEANABLE Oil Filter.  Paper filters are rated at 15 to 80 microns average, meaning a paper filter will pass particles many times larger.

What are Microns?

  • A micron is one thousandth of a millimeter.  That’s about .00003937 inches.
  • CLEANABLE Oil Filter mesh will not pass any particle larger than 35 microns
  • The average human hair is 140 microns thick

Cleanable and Reusable

The CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter should last the life of your machine.  Simply remove, rinse in clean solvent and replace. Monitor wear of internal engine components by inspecting the particles trapped by the CLEANABLE Oil Filter.  Avoid catastrophic failures by detecting problems early.

Consistent Flow under all conditions

CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filters perform equally well from cold start-up through extreme heat without loss of protection.  A one-inch square of our stainless steel micronic filter material will flow 1.9 gallons of 90 weight oil per minute at only 1 PSI pump pressure (70 degrees F). (Typical filter size is 14 sq. in.).  Standard paper filters do not flow well when the oil is cold, often causing the bypass valve to open allowing unfiltered oil to enter the engine.  

Unaffected by Water, Heat & Pressure

The CLEANABLE Micronic Stainless Steel Oil Filter is capable of withstanding extremely high pressure and flow rates.  The Stainless Steel Micronic Filter Cloth is also unaffected by water, unlike standard paper filter material which swells in the presence of water, closing off filter pores and reducing flow.

 Proven Technology

This high-tech filter technology is widely used in all types of Auto Racing and the Aerospace industry.













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