!! Sub-Frame Upgrade Kit™ !!




Replace that cheesy undersized stock sub-frame hardware now! Take this seriously! 


Did you know? Extreme pressure is generated by the weight of anything bolted in (battery, airbox) bolted on (luggage, rear rack, exhaust) or sitting on (rider, passenger) the sub-frame of your Kawasaki KLR 650. This pressure is exerted onto a total of four low-grade and undersized 8mm bolts and they just can't take it.  

This is typically how it goes...

The first of two upper sub-frame bolts breaks beneath you and you don't know it - yet.

ALL the stress that was shared by these two bolts is now transferred the second bolt which quickly fails. 

If you're lucky, the sub-frame now pivots backward on the two remaining lower bolts pulling apart the wiring harness, battery cables, exhaust system and carburetor airbox boot in the process. It is an incredibly arduous job to repair these sheared off bolts in the field. We've been there done that! 

If you're not lucky, the sub-frame collapses entirely with catastrophic results. If that wasn't enough you now have four bolts to repair!

Put this on your must do list! We've seen this happen to any type or year of KLR 650, from totally stock street commuters to packed-out world touring bikes and everything in between. 

How do you install our kit?

  1. Remove OEM upper bolts

  2. Drill first hole thru frame using pilot drill bit

  3. Drill second (final) hole using extra long taper length drill bit

  4. Install main upper bolt and Fuji Lock nut

  5. Install two new lower flange bolts

  6. Go-N-Ride

We designed this kit, then we put it through its paces under extreme conditions around the world!  

9 piece kit includes:

  • Hi-grade J.I.S. 10mm bolt w/14mm flange head (replaces both 8mm upper sub-frame bolts)

  • Two hi-grade 8mm flange bolts (replaces lower sub-frame bolts)

  • One 3mm thick stainless steel spacer (for the chain side of lower sub-frame)

  • Special Fuji-Lock locking flange nut with 14mm hex

  • Our specially CNC machined 10mm drill guide

  • Extra long 10mm taper length drill bit

  • 2 Pilot drill bits (one is for line up tool/spare)

Move your cursor over the images below to read more details - then click to see full size...

Location: Mexico's Sierra Madre  - Temperature: Hot  - Patience: Thin    >> Are you about to hand carry your luggage for many kilometers?  Si Sub-Frame Top Cut Away 10mm If sub-frame bolts break, this gas tank mount will likely crack at the welds - << CHECK THIS! >> Cut away 10mm right side - Notice how solid bolt shaft passes frame joint...
View of stock undersized Allen bolt Cut away 10mm left side


With the exception of warranty related claims, there are absolutely no returns, exchanges or adjustments on this product.











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