KLR 650 LED Tail Light!



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This is the most important piece of equipment you can buy for your KLR 650!

Brake! LED taillights are brighter and more visible than traditional incandescent lights. Simply put, incandescent bulbs produce more-or-less full spectrum light (and a lot of heat) and filter out everything but red light through a colored lens. LEDs, on the other hand, produce a saturated, wavelength-specific light—in this case deep, intense red—without any heat or wasted light energy. This is why LEDs require far less power to produce light of equivalent brightness.

To further enhance visibility, the brake light strobes for several seconds when the brake is applied, and then stays on like a regular brake light. It practically screams “Hey! I’m stopping! Back off!” Install a Brake! LED taillight and watch people stop ten feet farther behind you at the next traffic light.

Installation is a snap! Our KLR 650 LED conversion kit fits your existing taillight housing without any cutting or permanent modifications. You don’t even need to snip any wires; it simply plugs into the existing light bulb socket. Not only that, but you’ll never have to change a light bulb again. The LEDs we use are designed specifically for the automotive industry, and are rated to last over 100,000 hours without any visible degradation of light output. That’s like leaving your bike running non-stop for over 11 years. But that wasn’t good enough for us, so we designed the Brake! module to employ pulse-width modulation, meaning the LEDs are only lit 40% of the time in running light mode. So now you can leave your bike running continuously for 17 years, if you like.

Low power consumption!

Brake! LED taillights consume a miniscule 0.6 Watts in running light mode and 4 Watts with the brake applied. Compare this to the standard 5 Watt/21 Watt 1157 incandescent bulb. Some bikes even use two of those power-hungry bulbs—that’s 10/42 Watts!

This reduced power requirement eases the burden on your bike’s electrical system, which is important if you’re using additional electrical accessories like heated vests or our heated handgrips. Many motorcycles (particularly of the dual-sport variety) have very little electrical power to spare in the first place, so what better way to reduce power consumption than with a brighter, more durable and less power-hungry LED taillight?

Does your headlight dim when you apply the brakes? Old, damaged and/or corroded wiring is not uncommon on motorcycles. The increased resistance that results means there is a lower voltage (below 12V) reaching lighting devices. The Brake! LED taillight has its own voltage regulation, and can operate on supplies as low as 9 volts without any reduction in light output. And its low wattage leaves more power for the headlight.


  Low power consumption    

Fits all Kawasaki KLR 650s '87-'07

With the exception of warranty related claims, there are absolutely no returns, exchanges or adjustments on this product.

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