QuikSteel™ Epoxy Putty





Steel reinforced epoxy putty.  Dries steel hard in 15 minutes.  Ready to drill, tap, file, machine etc. after one hour. Permanent repairs to metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood and more.  Bonds like epoxy, hardens like steel. 

Sets up under water, impervious to chemicals, 500 degree temperature resistant.

QUIKSTEEL™ is a must for your tool kit!  Can be used to repair broken levers, throttle housing, brake pedal, water pump neck, engine case, and radiator tank....

This is on our top ten list of GOTTA-HAVE’s. Carrie used it to help one of the Japanese racing teams at the ‘95 Nevada Rally plug a broken oil site glass (end of day two). After day three they were still racing and smiling!


  • Small tube weighs 2oz and is 4" long x 1-1/16" in diameter
  • Efficient - use exactly what you need and no more
  • Designed for serious repairs - anywhere anytime!
  • No messy mixing (pre-measured)
  • Not a liquid so it will not leak 
  • Three-year + shelf life











QuikSteel Steel Reinforced
Epoxy Putty Benefits

FAST DRYING: QUIKSTEEL sets up in 4 to 5 minutes, it is hard like steel in 15 minutes, and is completely cured and ready to drill, sand, tap, prime, and paint in one hour.

STRONG: There are two ways strength is measured. One is on the horizontal plane -- this is called "shear strength" -- and the other is on the vertical plane and is called "tensile strength."

Shear strength -- When cured (one-hour drying time) QUIKSTEEL has a shear strength of 740 pounds per square inch. This means that when two pieces of material are bonded together with a one-inch bond of QUIKSTEEL, it would take a pressure greater than 740 pounds to break the bond. That would be the equivalent to the weight of four to five strong men. For comparison, pine lumber has a shear strength of 400 pounds per square inch. QUIKSTEEL is almost twice as strong as pine.

Tensile strength -- QUIKSTEEL has as tensile strength of 6,200 pounds per square inch. This would mean that a piece of QUIKSTEEL one-inch in diameter could lift the weight of three automobiles.

HARD: QUIKSTEEL is a very hard material. Technically it is rated at D-87. "D" is the highest hardness rating in the Shore rating system. QUIKSTEEL, when cured, can be compared to ABS plastic (material used to manufacture automobiles) or the fiber epoxy wings on the B2 bomber.

When cured, QUIKSTEEL, can be processed in any way that you can process steel or wood. It can be turned on a lathe, machined, drilled, tapped, milled, sanded, sawed, routed, primed, and painted.

SEALS LEAKS UNDER WATER OR IN FLUIDS: QUIKSTEEL cures under water and in all atmospheric conditions. Leaks can be sealed inside a container, tank, etc. with liquids still in the item to be sealed. For example, if a gasoline or diesel fuel tank has a rupture, QUIKSTEEL will seal the leak while the drainage is occurring. No need to empty the container prior to repair.

IMPERVIOUS TO CHEMICALS: QUIKSTEEL is impervious to chemicals, solvents, oils, and acids including battery acids.

STEEL REINFORCED: QUIKSTEEL has the maximum holding power because it is steel reinforced, and manufactured using a proprietary blend of the highest grades of epoxy. A repair by QUIKSTEEL is strong like steel.

WITHSTANDS TEMPERATURES OF 500&degF (260&degC): QUIKSTEEL maintains its qualities when exposed to a constant temperature of 500&degF (260&degC). QUIKSTEEL can be intermittently exposed to temperatures of 550&degF (288&degC).

LONG STORAGE LIFE: QUIKSTEEL has a minimum storage life of three years prior to use.

Certified safe by NSF for repair of all drinking water pipes, tanks, and systems.



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